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ARMHS Referrals

This section is intended for medical and mental health providers. If you are looking for information for you or a family member, please call our office at 320-281-4449.

If you are a provider looking for more information on how to refer clients to our programs you will find information about referrals for each of our programs on the following pages:

Who is eligible?

  • Patients ages 18 or older

  • Patients who have received a recent diagnostic assessment by a qualifed mental health professional that indicates ARMHS services are medically necessary

  • Patients who have substantial disability and functional impairment in three or more areas, thus markedly reducing self-sufficiency

  • Patients who have the cognitive capacity to engage in and benefit from rehabilitative services techniques and methods

  • Patients who have Medical Assistance or a Prepaid Medical Assistance Product

Referrals forms 

Consent for Release of Information

Medical History Form

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